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Minutes of the 165th Annual General Meeting held at St Edmund’s Church Hall, Lidgett Park Road, Leeds LS8 1JN on 11th April 2017

1. Welcome to the membership - The President, Ian Wray, opened the meeting and welcomed all in attendance.

2. Minutes of the 164th AGM - The minutes were unanimously approved with no matters arising.

3. Presidents’s opening remarks -

4. Treasurer’s Report -

In the absence of Paul Armitage his written report, relating to the financial year 1st March 2016 to 28th Feb 2017, was read by Ian Wray. Thanks were offered to John Chester for auditing the accounts again this year.  

In summary, income was down by £353 to £5,095 but expenditure was also down by almost £800 meaning that there was a surplus at the year end of £1,124.

The only exceptional item in this year’s accounts is in relation to income from YPU entry fees. Cheques were not banked before the year end which means that this income will show in the 2017/18 accounts. Given that the expenditure shows in the 2016/17 accounts means that our surplus for the year is understated by £163.

The largest income stream was membership fees and these totalled £3,223 for the year, a very small increase on the previous year despite total membership falling by 12, however, income from visitors to invited speaker events brought in £180. We also managed to consume £465 worth of refreshments, an increase of £84 on the previous year and the sales table raised £113.

On the expenditure side, rent is the biggest outlay and it should be noted that this has not increased for several years. Speaker’s fees reduced from £1,100 to £820.00 despite the fact that the quality of speaker we had this year was excellent.

The society ended the year with a carried forward balance of £8,033. This now gives us a firm financial footing should we be faced with any major unexpected items of expenditure, however, it is considered that the society should be aiming for a balance of £10,000 in the future.

5. Presentation of Trophies -

The following members were awarded Certificates of Merit in the following categories.

Category Prints Digital

Pictorial Eva Pitt, Ray Hattrell Eva Pitt, Jose Closs, Ted Clements.

Portraiture & People: Jose Closs, Monty Trent Ray Hattrell, Ted Clements.  

Record & Architecture Jeanne Hopley, Alex Rees Ruth Baumberg, Alex Rees.

Nature: Nicole Billows, Ted Clements Nicola billows, Tina Bulley.

Sport, Action & Photojournalism Monty Trent, Ruth Baumberg. Ian Biggins, John Chester

Eric Elston Trophy for best print by member not having won before was awarded to Alex Rees. He was also awarded the Evelyn Hall Memorial Trophy for the best digital image in the same category.

The following members were awarded Trophies in the following categories.


Pictorial Peel Trophy Monty Trent

Portraiture & People: Scrimshaw Memorial Cup Ray Hattrell

Record & Architecture A J Gordon Award Jose Closs

Nature: Majorie Featherstone Cup Ted Clements

Sport, Action & Photojournalism Margaret Bigney Award Norman Robertson

 Society’s Medal for the best print Ted Clements


Pictorial T R Rayton Trophy Keith Brightwell

Portraiture & People: Earnest Hillyard Trophy Jeanne Hopley

Record & Architecture H H Featherstone Cup Malcolm Bond

Nature: W H Soper Cup Ted Clements.

Sport, Action & Photojournalism A G Bigney Award Tina Bulley

 Society’s Medal for best Digital image Keith Brightwell

Other awards were:

LPS Mono prints Earnest Wood Trophy Keith Brightwell

LPS Colour prints Simmonds trophy Monty Trent & Ted Clements

LPS Mono digital Hopley Award Keith Brightwell

LPs Colour digital Eastrea Bowl Ted Clements

Interclub highest score Grace Hildyard Bowl Ted Clements

6. Photographer of the Year - Ted Clements was awarded the CW Dalton & LPS Medal for gaining the most points in competitions throughout the year.

7. Election of new President - Ian Wray confirmed that his two year tenure was complete and proposed Clive Hudson as the new president. This was agreed by the membership. Ian passed the chain of office to Clive and in doing so expressed his thanks for all members who had given their time in helping to ensure that the Society had been successful and well run throughout the year.

8. Retiring President’s remarks - Ian congratulated Clive on becoming president and expressed his confidence that the society was in safe hands. He also thanked him for his support during his time in office.

He also expressed his appreciation to Paul Armitage for managing the accounts, Mike Cooper our secretary, Tony Biscombe who together with his committee of Ray Hattrell, Eva Pitt and Ted Clements, have put together an excellent programme of events, Catherine Hilditch who welcomes new members to the society and Steph Bigglestone, who is standing down from the committee today, for her work in submitting articles to North Leeds Life magazine. Our competition secretaries Eva Pitt and Tina Bulley and to our other committee members- Ruth Baumberg, Andrew Winfield, Monty Trent and  Ted Clements-

In particular thanks to Ted who organises a number of things behind the scenes, including being our YPU representative, a role he shares with Malcolm Bond also thanks also to John Fergusson our webmaster and John Chester for auditing the society's financial accounts.

Also to Tony and Mike for the production of our programme booklets

and Tom Hopley who has for many years produced all of the societies booklets. Also Judy Barker for running our sales table and to Janis and Steph for serving the tea and biscuits.

He confirmed that we quite rightly have pride in the fact that we are the oldest surviving photographic society in the world, it is important that we keep looking to the future. In order to secure this we need to encourage members to consider involvement in the running of the society. If I have any worries for the future, It is the fact that we enter this year without a Vice President, however, I am confident that this situation will rectify its self.

9. New President’s remarks -

Clive thanked all members who support the running of the society and, in particular Ian Wray for his efforts as president always being the first to arrive at meetings and the last to leave. The USP of the society is its long history of 165 years, but this only tempted people through the door and the challenge was to continue to meet the needs of members and potential newcomers. The aims of that Victorian group are as relevant today as they were in the beginning in sharing experiences and learning from each other.

In the future  we need to continue to innovate with the programme and that for September is in place with three main themes, competitions, speakers and society evenings. We will look at additional activities with members working in small groups and ensure an environment where members are encouraged to contribute new ideas and show their work. He confirmed his view that the society has a positive future and although we have lost some members we have new ones coming in.

10. Election of Society Officers

Members agreed to the appointment of  the five nominated officers.

General Secretary Mike Cooper

Treasurer Paul Armitage

Membership Secretary Catherine Hilditch

Programme secretary Tony Biscombe

Publicity Secretary Andrew Winfield

Note: the agenda did not include a number 11.

12.Election of committee

The six nominations for members of the committee were accepted by the membership. These were Eva Pitt, Tina Bulley, Monty Trent, Ted Clements and ??????  

13. Awards

There was considerable discussion relating to a review of the awarding of trophies, medals and certificates particularly as two of the trophies were now missing. The following points were raised by members and it was agreed that these would be discussed by the committee and proposals formulated.

 • Photograph of trophy on the relevant certificate.

 • Approach Civic hall to put the trophies/cups on display.

 • Society should be proud of awards although it is accepted that they are old and bulky, replace with smaller standard trophies.

 • Accepted that many of the benefactors of trophies are no longer with us.

 • Add a history of the trophies on the website (which is already there)

 • Catalogue the trophies with images and offer to West Yorkshire Archive

 • Auction trophies as some have a value in their silver content.

14. Membership subscriptions.

The membership agreed to maintain the current rate for next year.

15. AOB

A member suggested that as images of children are sometimes displayed, the issue of safeguarding should be considered.  It was confirmed that when speakers are booked checks were made on their website to indicate if inappropriate images may be included.  Members were reminded to exercise discretion when selecting images.

It was suggested that ‘Landscapes’ should be a separate subject, this was agreed.

The president concluded the AGM by thanking all members for attending and closed the meeting at 8:50 pm.

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