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 Unless otherwise stated all meetings are on Tuesdays at 7·30pm

  (VS) denotes a Visiting Speaker

  (MT) denotes a Talk by a current Member

  (A/V) denotes an audio-visual presentation

  (O) denotes a Society Outing

  (T)  denotes a tutorial


26th September - Tales from the Moors Country - Nicola Taylor

A collection of self portraits inspired by folklore and fairy tales. Nicola will discuss developing a theme and a personal style from your own interests as well as how to create images that tell a story.

Hand in Inter Club 1: Set subject – Emergency 999, Set theme – Still life.

3rd October - Inter Club 1 selection

After the break: Members are invited to show any images taken on the LPS organised outings during Summer 2017.

10th October - Members' night: Photo documentaries that tell a story.

Hand in LPS 2:  Prints Mono themed – Movement,  Colour – Open.

17th October - Breaking the Rules - Jason Theaker

Photography is a creative rewarding activity that is enjoyed by many, but over time rules have developed to help beginners learn the basics. This is useful, but sadly can be overly used to the detriment of the image. This talk will explore some of the rules and take a light hearted look at why rules should be broken.

Hand in Inter Club 2:  Set subject – Photographing sound, Set theme – Sport/Photojournalism.  

24th October - LPS 2:  Prints: Mono themed – Movement, Colour – Open.  Judge:  Tony Caunt LRPS. Bradford.

Hand in Robinson and Awmack entries

31st October - The black and white world of Gavin Prest - A talk about the approach, view and techniques used by Gavin for his fine art based portraits and people images.

7th November - Annual Dinner

Robinson and Awmack Judging: Ray Brammall ARPS, DPAGB, APAGB, EFIAP. Doncaster

14th November - Inter Club 2 selection

After the break:  Following the presentation on Oct 17th by Jason Theaker – 'Breaking the Rules', members are invited to create and show their own version.

Hand in LPS 3:  Digital images:  Colour themed – A Book Title,  Mono – Open.

21st November - A documentary eye in the world of commercial photography – Olivia Brabbs – is a commercial and wedding photographer.  She will share experiences and images with a focus on her documentary approach to commercial photography.  She will also touch on her style of natural storytelling wedding photography and share experiences of being a second generation photographer following in the footsteps of her father, the renowned landscape photographer and author – Derry Brabbs

28th November - LPS 3:  Digital images:  Colour themed – A Book Title, Mono – Open.  Judge: Sally Sallett ARPS, AFIAP, CPAGB, BPE3*. Wakefield

5th December – A Professional's Approach to Outdoor Photography – Guy Edwardes – 25 years worth of landscape and nature photography tips and techniques with images from around the world

Hand in Ladies v Gents images

12th December - Members' winter outing – The Victoria Quarter     7pm to 9pm.

19th December - Ladies v Gents – the chance for revenge!


2nd  January - President's Evening

Hand in LPS 4:  Prints:  Colour themed – Nature in Close up,  Mono – Open.

9th January - Members' night – 2017 in review – this is an opportunity for you to show up to 12 images taken in 2017


16th January – LPS 4:  Prints: Colour themed – Nature in Close up, Mono – Open.  Judge:  Keaton Roebuck.  Pontefract

Hand in Interclub 3 images:  Set subject – Reflections,  Set theme – Record.

23rd January – Photoshop – Phil Ogden  - Phil will explain (in detail) various design methods used in his use of Photoshop during the creation of the botanical design book, ‘Ogden’s Garden’.  This will include:- 1. Multi-layering and image composition.  2. Combining original photography with original artwork.  3. Utilising textures & masks.  4. Introducing ‘keyboard shortcuts’ to his work.

Phil will show these 'step by step' processes, some print examples and one or two videos highlighting certain aspects.  [NB: There’ll be plenty of opportunity for some fun, too!]

Hand in LPS 5:  Digital images:  Mono themed – After dark, Colour – Open.

30th January - Inter Club 3 selection.

After the break: Having had a wonderful evening photographing Victoria Quarter (and surrounds) in December, members are invited to show their take on 'Christmas in Leeds', including their images from that outing and some more.

Hand in YPU entries

6th February - LPS 5:  Digital images:  Mono themed – After dark,  Colour – Open.  Judge:  David Goodier LRPS, LSWPP. Barnsley.

Hand in Inter Club 4 images:  Set subject:  Minimal  Set theme:  Nature.

13th  February – Quarries - Interaction of people to landscape – Colin Shaw - a look at Colin's photographic work over the last 40+ years with the recurring theme of landscape and people.

Hand in LPS 6:  Prints:  Colour themed – Autumn,  Mono – Open.

20th  February - Inter Club 4 selection

After the break: Do you prefer colour or mono? This is your opportunity to show 3 images, each one in mono and then colour and to explain which you prefer and why.

27th  February - LPS 6:  Prints:  Colour themed – Autumn,  Mono – Open. Judge:  Duncan Webb. Leeds.

6th  March – Filey Wildlife – Mark Pearson

As an obsessive local naturalist at this east coast wildlife hotspot, Mark has spent the last five years stalking the corners of his local patch with his finger on the trigger at every turn. The results include unique captures of the common, scarce and extremely rare, many of which have been published in national magazines, on websites and in books. Mark brings his experience of fieldcraft – the key element in getting the best bird and wildlife photographs – with a wide range of his best shots for the society to enjoy.

Hand in Annual Exhibition entries

13th  March - Members' night – the critics view is a chance to have constructive feedback, of some of your images, from our more experienced photographers.

20th  March - Annual Exhibition judging – Prints.  Judge:  Martin Litchfield CPAGB.  Doncaster.

27th  March - Annual Exhibition judging – Digital images.  .  Judge: Geoff France.  Holmfirth.

3rd    April – Easter – no meeting

10th  April – AGM - an opportunity for you to express your opinions on the organisation of the Society and its future direction.

17th April  - No meeting

24th  April - Start of Summer programme

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