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Minutes of committee meeting held on Monday 3rd July 2017 at Howard Gould's house, 4, Woodlea Approach, Leeds LS6 4SA

Present: Clive Hudson, Tony Biscombe, Ian Wray, Eva Pitt, Catherine Hilditch, Andrew Winfield, Howard Gould, Paul Armitage, Monty Trent.

1.   Apologies: Mike Cooper, Ruth Baumberg, Tina Bulley,

2a. Minutes of the last meeting held on Monday 8th May 2017 were accepted.

2b. Matters arising not covered by agenda-

 Salts Mill

Clive thanked those who had helped with the running and stewarding of our annual exhibition at Salts Mill, which had once again been well attended by the public and a great success.

 Sales Table-

It was agreed that due to the fact there had been no volunteers to help Judy Barker with its running, it was agreed that the sales table would only run on the first meeting of each month.

It was also agreed that as from September, any donated magazines which did not sell on the first showing would be disposed of. This would alleviate the overcrowding problem in the cupboard.

 Five of a Kind- Summer Project

Monty reported that he had given a presentation to members to show how a panel of images could be prepared. He had also prepared a video tutorial and booked a judge for the evening.

 Ian confirmed that he had made Andrew (new Publicity Officer) editor status on the LPS Facebook page.

3. Trophies

 Further discussion of modifications to the LPS trophy system we discussed. Paul suggested that we could have a roll of honour on the website; a continuous list of trophy winners. A redesign of certificates was also suggested.

 Clive to produce a final proposal to put to the membership

 Mike to be asked if he would look into redesigning the certificates

 Monty proposed a vote of thanks to Clive for his work on this.

4. Refreshments-  Clive to follow up on appointing rota manager

5. Improvers groups/group sessions-

 It was decided that the existing improvers group could continue to run in the autumn, subject to its members taking on the organisation and the running of it. It would be up to them to 'book' experienced members to give input on specific topics, but that they should also seek to teach each other collaboratively. Similarly the group would be opened up to all LPS members, again on the condition that group members run the group(s). It was accepted that depending on numbers, this may mean that more than one group may be necessary.

5b. Name badges

Discussion took place on the feasibility of all members wearing name badges.

Paul to buy card holders and ask all members to wear their membership cards in order to encourage interaction between members.

6. Programme Update- Tony reported that the winter programme was almost complete.

7. Flickr Group

 Discussion took place regarding the creation of a group on the photo sharing website 'Flickr'. This would be a closed group for LPS members only. Members would be able to share images and comment on each others photos and also start discussion threads and organise ad-hoc outings etc.

 Howard had already created a trial group

 All committee members to gain access to the group for a trial period

 Email to go out in September inviting all members to join.

8a. Financial Report

 Paul presented accounts  for the year so far up to 2nd July 2017. Income was £839.30, expenditure £1538.90 giving a balance of £7334.16.

 Paul asked that a reminder be sent to all members in August, o pay their membership subscriptions in cash.

 Mike to send email to this effect during last week in August.

8b. Membership- No issues to report.

8c. Publicity-

Andrew to send article to North Leeds Life, re start of new programme, for publication in September issue.

9. YPU and PAGB- Nothing to report at this time.

10. AOB

 Clive to organise Knockout competition

 Clive to send reminder regarding Five of a Kind competition

11. Next Meeting

 The next committee meeting will be held at Clive Hudson's house, 3, Saddler Copse, Leeds, LS16 8NW on Thursday 14th September.

 Clive thanked Howard for hosting the meeting.

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